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Welcome! GrilledCow6 months ago
GrilledCow GrilledCow6 months ago
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The server is still in very early days, but at a point where everything I've wanted to implement is on the server. That said I want to keep it fresh, the server will always be evolving as new Minecraft updates are released, players come up with cool ideas, and new plugins are found.

In the last couple of days I found a really cool plugin that I think will add a new level to the server, dungeons! These dungeons will randomly spawn throught the survival world (with an average distance of ~22 chunks of each other). There are currently three types of dungeons on the server:

  • Battle Tower: These are pretty self explanatory, they are tower like structures with different levels. On each l...
GrilledCow GrilledCow6 months ago
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Welcome to the forums! They're still a W.I.P but soon everything should be up and running. The forums are integrated with the Minecraft server so make sure you use your Minecraft username when signing up or just use the /register command in-game to do it all automatically. The website will evolve overtime but for now have a look around, register and join in!